The Experience


Revealing Your Soul Through Fun and Play


The Color Your Soul Experience is a journey, exploring how the energies of play, fun and color expression take you inward to know the depths of your being and connect with your Source.

Participants receive greater Peace, Presence, Power and Passion and connect to their Purpose while bringing fun and joy into their lives! We believe that this allows us to manifest all we desire with ease and grace. This is an absolutely wonder-full way to connect and create a deeper sense of self in community.

How it works

Let’s “paint a picture”:

We start by tantalizing the senses with sound, breathwork, aromatherapy, and taste, allowing color energies to guide us in the process of play.

We play with color through a variety of mediums; paint, pastels, markers and crayons. This playwork allows your soul to express truthfully and clearly, aligning the mind with heart. Just like when we were children.

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